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LTool News

2005-08-19: LTool-0.3 is out!
Lazy Tool 0.3 is feturing: LtMacroEdit; A new MacroEditor replacing the old LtMacroGen.
ATITDmine; a Mining plugin, to aid Mining in the game ATITD.
Ltxtew; a simple xte wrapper (xte follows the xautomation package.)
And a few example macros.

2005-03-25: LTool Website comes online!
Finaly, LTool have a Lazy Website :)

2005-03-22: LTool-0.2 is Out!
First release feturing:
LtMacro; Plugin to LTool for running and stoping macros in a Lazy way.
LtMacroGen; Macro editor with some "Wizards" to make it even more fast and Lazy to create Macros.
LtMacroAPI; by Mike Grant aka. FaceAnkh. Without this creating macros would not be Lazy at all!

2005-01-03: LTool-0.1 released.
To remember when first release was :)

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